What’s This All About?

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I started this blog to serve you; to serve everyone who is searching for ways to deepen their walk with God.  He has *blessed* me with many opportunities to deepen my faith in Him… which translated means I have been wrung through the ringer enough times to fill a small library.  And apparently that’s exactly what He’s called me to do – to create this *library* for you, to share the stories of His glory.  For each time I made it through the ringer, He succeeded in squeezing out yet another undesirable aspect of my personality, belief system, dependencies, behaviors, attitudes, world view.  I’ll share with you how He helped me overcome major barriers in my life:  healing from childhood abuse, restoring a disintegrated marriage, breaking the gripping fear of putting control of my finances into His hands.  I’ll share tidbits and inspirational stories with real, tangible things you can actually do.  I’ll share what my life looks like every day as I continue to walk and grow on this journey.

I truly love many of the inspirational and thought provoking quotes I’ve heard over the years, but I often find myself thinking, “ok, now what do I DO to live that out?”  Since my goal is to give you actionable things you can do to move forward in your journey, I’ll jump right in, here in the first blog.  This first one is super simple.  Before you get out of bed every morning, simply think or say to Him, “Good morning Father.  I welcome you into my life right now and to walk this day with me”.  That’s it!  It is a beautiful yet simple act of walking in obedience to His telling us to seek Him first in all things.  Just inviting Him into your life every day allows Him to begin His transforming work in your life.

Let His glory in your life unfold!

6 thoughts on “What’s This All About?

  1. Thank you for posting this. It is an excellent reminder to not start the day alone. I appreciate your blog. Please keep up the good writing!

      1. I’m intrigued how you left your 17 year corporate job by faith in order to follow God’s calling. I feel him whispering in that Still Small Voice to some ‘other’ calling; but i’m still too nervous/frightened/skeptical to listen very closely! Yikes!

      2. I could write volumes of everything I went through to build my faith to the point of making this leap, but in the end, it was persistent and consistent daily building of relationship with Him, learning how He operates, experiencing His faithfulness in ever increasing ways and “higher risk” situations, and coming into expression of the gift he gave me (writing), and knowledge of how He wants me to use it. A “leap of faith” is truly a misnomer, except for the point you actually leap. It is often years of building up of faith first. And even when I “leapt” (gave my resignation), I’ll be perfectly honest, I was basically in a panic attack – but that was exactly what told me I was on the right track. I’m excited for you – keep listening to and building up your knowledge of the whispering – and don’t feel pressured to jump before you know the time is right, cause then that’s just a leap 🙂

  2. Very good and wise advice. Thank you for responding! I know in my heart what He has called me (there’s no mistaking that feeling) to do here, it’s just a matter of how, and when. He knows much better than I, that much I am confident in! I’ll keep listening to the best of my ability…as long as He keeps whispering!
    Thank you again!

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