A Security Guard and a Smile

I worked at a small 45-50 person company for a couple years.  It was the kind of place that had a single security guard sitting behind a glass pane keeping things in order simply by recognizing every face that walked through the door.  I saw this man, the security guard, twice a day every day for two years.  In the morning I would walk in and give him a wave and a cheerful “good morning!” through the glass and in the evening on my way out, “have a great night!”  And every day he responded in kind.  The company was having serious financial troubles.  For months on end, we came through the doors, not knowing if we would get paid that Friday, or whether the doors would even be open when we got there.  Every week I fretted about whether to stay or look for a new job.  On the days where I had absolutely nothing to do because the company had no money to fund my projects, I speculated with co-workers about the longevity of the company and we killed time worrying about the impact to our families.  The time finally came for me to take my leave from the company.  On my last day, I walked toward the door as I had hundreds of times before and lifted my hand to say “have a great night!” to the security guard.  In a split second, I instead veered into his office behind the glass to say goodbye for the last time.  I cringed as I did it realizing what a goofball he would think I was.  I suspected he didn’t even know my name.  But I was already through the doorway, so I kept going.  I told him it was my last day and put out my hand to take his in mine.  He stood up out of his chair and wrapped his big papa bear arms around me and gave me a great big papa bear hug.  In the most endearing southern accent he said, “I’m sho gonna miss ya Miss.  You never know how much ya smile every mornin’ meant to me,” and he sighed a small sigh.

Your faith walk truly can be just bringing the light of His presence into a dark situation with a smile.

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