Jesus is the Reason for the Season

We had a festive and cheerful long weekend of diving into the Christmas season with decorating the tree, submerging ourselves in Christmas music, hanging lighted garland outside, watching the first of our annual repertoire of Christmas movies, and even getting some shopping and wrapping done.  The kids are excited to have the first packages under the tree!  Now we just hope they make it to Christmas without the 75lb golden retriever deciding they would make a good afternoon snack.


But what about the real reason for the season?  At church on Sunday, our pastor talked about it, we hear about it all the time, and everyone’s heart is yearning for something more than the commercial craze that dominates our holiday.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  But how do we find Him buried amongst the packages and boxes and bows?

Last night at dinner we were deciding what we were going to do for the evening.  We didn’t have a lot of time but we wanted to close out a great weekend together as a family.  I got the idea to do a Christmas devotional.  I hopped online and with a quick Google search I readily found a plethora of devotional series to choose from.  We cozied up on the couch together in front of the Christmas tree, invited Jesus into our presence, and did the devotional.  It only took 20 minutes.  But by choosing to dedicate some time to Him alone, we were filled with His spirit overflowing that otherwise hollow place inside that permeates the commercial Christmas.

If you’ve not done devotionals before, they are great little tools to learn a bit about scripture, to get a life application for how it plays out in today’s world, and to stimulate conversation when otherwise everyone would be staring at the walls or the TV.  They make great dinner conversation or bedtime stories and you can find them in any flavor you need, for families, for young children, for parents or adults.  They can focus on Advent or the birth of our Savior or music or anything and can be daily, weekly, or whatever frequency you might be looking for.  There is one fantastic website that will send the devotional to your email and track your progress for you:

And you can always Google to find just about anything you are looking for.  As you allow these tools to transform your Christmas focus, I pray for you and your family to be filled with the joy and peace that goes beyond our understanding that only He can bring.

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