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2nd Grader’s Letter to his Teacher

Too awesome not to share-

I grabbed a partially used notebook from our scrap paper drawer this morning. Flipping through the pages looking for the clean sheets, I came across this letter my son wrote to his teacher in second grade. Apparently, she never had the privilege of receiving it from him. I’ve transposed it in his “kid” language underneath if you can’t make out the writing, but definitely try to read his version first. Hilarious-

Letter to Teacher 1 Letter to Teacher 2


Dear Mrs. Mackee

I think you should not let us go to go to school.

I think that Because it is a hole waste of time.

I think that Because we could Be out side play all day.

I think that Because we are all stuck in a hot room all day.

I think that Because we should Be geting a lot of fresh air.

I think that Because we are leaning stuf that is so easy.

I now you are going to say no But I think that we should have school 1 a week.

I now you are going to say no but we have lean a lot the last few years so we should get 1 yeare off.

I think that Because we should be play sports.

First of all math is boring second writing is a hole waste of time third reading we can do that at home.

So that is why we should have no school.



A Simple Thought with Profound Impact

Just a simple thought for today – which when put into action, creates a profound impact:

How much better would every marriage be if everyone’s goal was to add value to their spouse?

Man and woman

I recently became involved with the John Maxwell Team. John is an internationally recognized leadership expert, having spoken to governments of nations, leaders of corporations, and trained millions of people. His basic philosophy is that everything rises and falls on leadership.

Leadership is the outcome of providing value to other people.

The concept of leadership is almost exclusively aligned with the professional world in our minds – we focus on how we can excel in our careers. Over my protein shake this morning (wishing it were a dark roasted coffee with Southern Butter Pecan creamer…), it struck me that the bible calls us to be leaders in our homes too. Husbands are called to lead their wives. Parents are called to lead their children.

Ladies – how would your lives be impacted if your husband’s goal was to add value to your life? And how would your husband respond if your goal was to add value to his?

How would our children be impacted if adding value to their lives was our focus of parenting?

The impacts would be profound.

Adding value does not have to be a massive undertaking. Make your spouse’s lunch today. Put a note on the dashboard of their car. Make their coffee. Set the table. Schedule a massage. Put a heart sticker in your child’s lunchbox. Tape a note to their bedroom door. Carry their backpack upstairs. Find them an umbrella on a rainy day. Take them outside in the snow. Enjoy the freedom of giving of yourself for the betterment of another!

Now, I’m off to find some note cards…